Shipments and returns

All products are virtually delivered by E-Mail to the E-Mail address used when registering and making your purchase on the website. 

Please note: The service is not instant. All accounts have to be verified, set up on our servers and tested. Please be patient, take into account any time zone difference and expect a reasonable time delay for account details to be forwarded on. 

Although we will get your account details to you as quickly as possible, please allow a maximum of up to 24 hours for delivery.

Our refund policy is simple: you have a 72 hour grace period after your order is issued to you and declared "issued" or "delivered" to request a full refund. Once the 72 hour grace period is finished, no requests for refunds will be accepted. 

Please use this period to fully test your connection and report back, by e-mail, any problems you may be experiencing. VPN Worldwide reserves the right to be given the opportunity to rectify any problems encountered during the 72 hour grace period by offering technical assistance by e-mail or by remote assistance on the clients machine.