How to set up L2TP over IPSec on Mac OS X


1. Open the System Preferences window.

2. Click on the "Network" icon.

3. Click on the Add button (+).

4. Set the"Interface" as VPN, Set the "VPN Type" as L2TP over IPSec and type Service Name: VPN Worldwide L2TP. Then click on "Create".

5. Configure your VPN according to the screenshot above. Enter the VPN server address we provided you by email, then enter your VPN Worldwide Account username. Click on "Authentication Settings".

6. Choose Password option and type your VPN Worldwide Account Password. Choose"Shared Secret" and enter the Secret Code. (Please contact us to request shared secret for L2TP, we will send it to you by email). Then click on "OK".

7. Click on Advanced.

8. Enable "Send all traffic over VPN connection" and click OK.

9. Connect to your VPN by clicking Apply and on Connect.