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How to Unblock Skype and Unblock VoIP


Unblock Skype Now - Unblocking Skype Has Never Been Easier!


Everybody knows Skype. Millions of people throughout the world use this great VOIP application daily for one good reason; they offer far cheaper calling rates than any other operators.


Unfortunately, Skype does not operate in all countries. Indeed this great application has been boycotted by The UAE and other countries that have simply placed a BAN on it and prevented millions of people from being able to use this amazing and useful modern device. Placing a ban on Skype is both unfair for the population but it also shows the authorities’ unwillingness to move forward and offer modern communication tools to their peoples. Today we're going to take a look at how to unblock skype.


Skype is and has always been a totally legal VOIP application, so its status should not even be questioned. In fact, there is absolutely no genuine ground for barring it and yet, Skype remains entirely blocked and unusable in the UAE as well as in Oman and Belize. But VPN Worldwide doesn't play games and we have the technology to Unblock Skype in Oman, UAE, Dubai, Belize, you name it!


So, is it possible to Unblock Skype in Oman, UAE and Belize?


As far as the technical aspects are concerned, you should bear in mind that it is nearly impossible to block an application like Skype. The authorities of the countries banning it actually hold a list of blocked domains featuring Skype, which makes it impossible for someone having a UAE IP address to access the application.


Banning Skype from the UAE territories and Oman and Belize, thus preventing communication exchanges between countries or communities has led to severe criticism and been seen as a breach of the freedom of speech everyone should be entitled to. The ban has also affected expats and non-national living in these countries and territories for not being able to benefit from cheaper calling services.


Without dwelling further on the reasons behind this ban, we would like to introduce you to our great new application.


First of all, let’s discuss what works and what doesn’t!


The ban on Skype in the UAE and the other before-mentioned countries has allowed the markets to become flooded with tools and software allegedly capable of unblocking Skype! However, the quality of these devices has been rated extremely poor and ineffective. Not to mention their costs. These unreliable devices include amongst others, proxy servers, Tor or even IP hiding software.


Why is our Unblock Skype Now application better?


We offer a reliable application as an alternative solution that will unblock your Skype for good. Furthermore, our services are very affordable and come with great customer service.



Here's how it works:


The software we offer will allow you to connect directly to our VPN servers so that your VoIP calls will remain unrecognized. As a result, it will be totally impossible for anyone to block or monitor your Skype or VoIP calls. VOIP Internet call-restrictions placed on your Edge or 3G mobile connections can be lifted, thus giving your VOIP the best possible quality it deserves. This is our promise to you.


Purchasing our software to Unblock Skype Now remains the safest, most effective and reliable tool to bypass the ban and Unblock Skype and Unblock VoIP. Once again this is our absolute promise to you!


* Works on any computer in any country
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