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Watch BBC iPlayer Abroad - Unblock UK TV Overseas



Are you based in the USA or any other country besides the UK and you want to watch UK TV on the Internet?


Yet, despite all the communication tools available these days, and whatever website you use, most of us simply aren't able to watch UK TV abroad. Even trying to watch BBC iPlayer abroad won’t work! All you get is a message saying "not available in your Area"! How annoying! The ban also includes radio stations such as Last.fm radio!


So, is Watching UK TV Abroad definitely out of the question?


No, it isn't! We have a solution for you.


First of all, let us quickly exlpain why you can't view UK TV abroad. The main reason is simply down to what we refer to as the country "location specifics". Let's take BBC iPlayer as an example. Just like any other network, BBC iPlayer will detect your IP address whenever you connect, whether you are in or outside the UK. This is the normal process. Indeed, If you are located within the United Kingdom, there will be no problem and the BBC iplayer will start streaming, just as normal. However, when you are located abroad, unless you own a VPN, you will not be able to watch TV through streaming.


And Guess what? We Can Solve This for You!


Indeed, a VPN is all you need to remove this hurdle and watch your favourite programmes. A VPN allows your internet to connect to two networks having your computers function as if they were connected to a Local Network. VPN became a "must have" for businesses early on before being made available to all consumers.


A UK IP is necessary if you want to watch UK TV Abroad because it will be using one of our VPN servers in the UK. Without a UK VPN, you will not be able to watch UK TV in the USA or anywhere else in the world for that matter.


Thanks to our UK IP and the servers, your computer will access the UK VPN server and provide you with a UK IP Address so you can watch BBC iPlayer abroad, or any of your other desired British channels such as Channel 4, iTV and Five.



Getting your VPN…


Choosing a VPN to watch UK TV abroad is not difficult. What you need to look for is a reliable VPN Service. We believe that we offer exactly this. We have been doing so for many years and our success rate speaks for itself.



Using VPN Worldwide to watch UK TV overseas, whether it is in the USA or Worldwide is very easy to do and perfectly legal. You just need a UK IP and we have that for you. Let us help you watch UK TV in USA or anywhere else abroad! Join our happy customers, we enjoy helping you unblock bbc iplayer and everything else too ;)


* Works on any computer in any country
* Specially created software for easy use
* Only $ 9.99 a month

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