A VPN that Claimed to Keep no Logs Identifies a User in Court

A VPN that Claimed to Keep no Logs Identifies a User in Court

Most VPNs do not keep logs, so the user’s browsing remains anonymous at all times. This means that they could not be identified or located in the event of a judicial process. That is why they are so popular. But a VPN that claimed not to keep user logs has been a key player in a process in America, where they have helped police identify a user.

A VPN that claimed to keep no logs identifies a user in court

In this way, the IP of the suspect could be obtained. At the time, he was using IPVanish, which claims not to save or share user data. However the company offered confirmation of that IP to the American justice system. So they were able to arrest the suspect.

A VPN that does reveal your data

The situation was most confusing. At first, they stated that they had no user information, but in a second interview, they provided a lot of information. Since his real name, email address, and many other details were provided with which the user had subscribed to IPVanish. With this information, they went to Comcast (Internet provider) who was the one who revealed the name of the user and his address in Indiana.

In this way, the suspect was arrested and confessed to having shared child abuse material online. This case took place in 2016, although it has been now that this information has been revealed. IPVanish is currently in the hands of another company.

After revealing this, many users have been concerned about the privacy and security of this VPN. The company has stated that they do not and will never keep user logs. But after this case, many have their doubts about the operation of this VPN

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