5 Apps to Use VPN on Your Cell Phone

5 Apps to Use VPN on your Cell Phone

Feature protects the user’s digital traces, personal data, and even the integrity of the device against possible hacker attacks

Every technological device connected to an internet network has an IP address: data that provides sensitive information, such as the approximate location of those using Wi-Fi. This is one of the reasons why the so-called VPN appeared: a technology that masks the Internet’s electronic address that you use and that can combat the malicious intentions of hackers.

This feature allows your IP Address to be redirected to another server, which is configured by the company that developed the VPN application. Once your digital footprint is hidden, user data is encrypted, location is obscured, and you gain access to other international networks and websites.ADVERTISING

The VPN is also very important when using the internet network in public places, such as malls and food courts, as they open gaps in the security of your data.


It is an app with paid and free versions. In the free version, the user can enjoy interesting features, such as an unlimited amount of data and the possibility of connecting the same account on up to six different devices. Many users of this service tend to consume Netflix content from other countries when making certain settings. Even in the free version, it is possible to use only three different addresses: Japan, the United States, and Holland.

The paid version, however, promises to be much faster; in addition to offering a total of 1,700 servers spread across 63 countries, such as Brazil. Currently, the app is compatible with Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS systems.

Hotspot Shield

It is yet another option with a free service plan and features very similar to those of the previous item. This is because, in addition to anonymous search and access on websites, protecting data during navigation, the app also unlocks content and media files that are restricted to specific locations (such as the Netflix catalog).

The specialty of this software is protection against malware and phishing: problems that threaten the integrity of your device and your personal data. While logged into the app, the user is notified if suspicious content and websites are detected. The paid version offers no ads, promotes unlimited features, and costs around $12.99 for the monthly plan.


It is another darling of the public, as it provides instant access to servers, high speed, and unlimited data. The subscription is very affordable, with values ​​of up to US$ 6 per month. You can use it simultaneously on up to six devices and each with different operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. This option guarantees servers in 94 countries, like Brazil.


It was developed by a company specializing in digital security. The application, which works with the same resources for desktop and mobile, promises a single browser. According to the company, the browser provides a secure search in online search engines and prevents the theft of user data.

Compatible with Windows, Linux, MAC, Android, and iOS, it is possible to enjoy more than 5 thousand servers in 61 countries, including Brazil. The company has monthly and annual plans, in addition to a 2-year subscription with a 65% discount on the original price. It is possible to connect your account to up to 6 different devices at the same time.


It is a paid service and is recommended for use on desktops, although mobile devices also have access to the servers. The main difference is that the mobile version is very simple, even though it provides a very interesting feature: protection while the device downloads via torrent.

With over 7,000 servers spread across 110 locations, the app promises compatibility with Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. The subscription allows the user to use the VPN on up to seven devices. Popular In The Community

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