8 Best VPN Apps to use in Mobile

8 Best VPN Apps to use in Mobile

Paid or free apps for Android and iOS allow safe browsing and access to content from other regions The use of a virtual private network (VPN) is indicated in several cases. In general, there are those who adopt one of these tools for encrypted, safe, and trace-free browsing, something recommended for anyone who is on an insecure network or simply wants more privacy when accessing the internet.

In addition, a VPN allows you to access region-blocked content, as well as IP masking and restricting access for some malware. This type of service is more common on the computer, but several of them are also available in mobile versions, both on Android and iOS, with alternatives that are 100% free, completely paid, or with a premium plan that is only optional. Below are some of the most highly regarded programs in the industry.

1. ProtonVPN
Image source: Playback/Google Play Store

This time-honored application was created by scientists at the renowned CERN science lab, more specifically by the same team behind Proton Mail. ProtonVPN is a free app with unlimited data and lots of features, with a Premium plan just for those who need a more intense, faster connection and for streaming.

Not only does this open-source tool allow for secure browsing, but it also features full disk encryption and features like DNS leak protection, malware blocking, and a speed booster, all without requiring registration.

2. VPN.lat: Unlimited and Secure

This is an example of a VPN app that is completely free but operates with ads. VPN.lat has no time limit or speed of use and also does not require any kind of registration, being one of the most agile options for those who want to install an application from the sector and start using it as quickly as possible. The service has Brazilian servers to speed up connections and also guarantees an improvement in latency in online games.

3. Kaspersky Fast Secure VPN

The traditional security lab is most famous for its antivirus, but it also offers a virtual private network from Kaspersky Fast Secure VPN. The app launches whenever you join an unknown or potentially unsecured public WiFi network, such as at airports, and has data leak protection. Altogether, there are more than 2000 servers in more than 85 countries and a speed of up to 10 Gbps. This is a paid tool, costing BRL 83.90 in the annual subscription (value valid only during the first 12 months and for up to five simultaneous devices).

4. TunnelBear

Another traditional application is for you to hide your location, geographically change the “origin” of the connection, and browse safely. TunnelBear offers up to 2GB of data and a wide variety of countries to intermediate the connection in the free plan, which may be more than enough for more casual or urgent access. In addition, it stands out for its very friendly and intuitive interface, making it a good alternative for those who have never used a VPN on their cell phone before.

5. Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN is a tool that, in addition to the classic and obligatory features of a private network for mobile devices, brings email protection and an ad blocker to your daily browsing. It is the most specialized on the list as it guarantees streaming in high resolution and can be used on unlimited devices if you subscribe to the platform. This service currently costs BRL 357.79 for a three-year subscription plan, with a 30-day guarantee of use with a refund in case of withdrawal.

6. CyberGhost

This is a highly praised VPN, but one that is a little out of favor with the category. CyberGhost is a very easy-to-use application, with just one button to turn on the private network without any additional configurations. In addition to hiding your tracks and modifying content locked by region, the application has more than 7,000 servers in 90 countries with 24-hour customer service and security protocols such as WireGuard. CyberGhost VPN has a trial period before you choose to subscribe to the service, which is valid for up to seven devices.

7. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a renowned private network that works on desktops as well as Android phones, tablets, or TVs. It has servers in 94 countries to ensure a faster connection, intuitive-to-use IP address change, a built-in password manager, and a proprietary protocol for speed and reliability called Lightway. Another interesting feature is the “kill switch”, a feature that instantly cuts off your internet if your VPN connection drops, preventing tracking even for a few seconds. The tool has a seven-day free trial before you need to upgrade to the paid plan.

8. Secure VPN

Secure VPN is an alternative for those who want to hide their connection without paying for a subscription: the service even has a paid version, but the app can be used for free with a limitation on the number of servers and some less intrusive ads. On the other hand, it has no limitation on the use of time and does not ask for a login. The tool also has an intelligent choice of server, always choosing the fastest and most stable one, and is compatible with streaming platforms.

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