Check out What VPN is on your Cell Phone and if it’s Worth Using

VPN is a resource for those looking for privacy and security when connecting to the internet. With it, you can redirect your connection, access a private and more protected network, and with other information that hides your original data, such as a new IP and a location different from your current one.

In addition, with the VPN it is possible to use a connection from another country and, consequently, access exclusive sites and services – for example, access Netflix from the United States.

In addition, it can also be used for cases where an app is blocked in Brazil, as happened in 2015 when WhatsApp was blocked at the behest of justice here in the country.

Today TecMundo explains better what VPN is on your cell phone, how to use it, and the advantages and disadvantages of the feature. Check out!

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Advantages of using a VPN

The main advantage when choosing to use a VPN is privacy. As previously mentioned, the process aims at connecting to a protected network, so that you can then connect to the internet. With this, your IP and your data are protected, since there is a “barrier” between them.

VPN is an excellent alternative to protect your data while connected to the internet. Source:  Kaspersky 

VPN is also widely used for those who need or want to access sites restricted by regions. Still taking the example of streaming services, it is possible to use a connection from another country to access a different catalog for a given country.

And with the evolution of technology, nowadays it is possible to have access to private networks that do this redirection and do not slow down the connection.

Disadvantages of using a VPN

As with any other type of software, there are many applications that promise the free features of a normal VPN, but in the end, are a big trap for less experienced users.

With that in mind, whenever possible opt for popular apps, and be wary of those that promise dozens of important features without you paying anything.

Multiple connections to the same VPN network can lead to overload and slowdownsSource:  VPN Pick 

And the other disadvantage is that in some VPNs there may still be a slow connection. This is because not all services have a private network that is fast enough for you to enter a completely stable environment.

Furthermore, as with any server, there may be peak moments where the response time of the connection is compromised due to multiple accesses to the same network.

Top VPN apps for mobile

There are a few apps that stand out when it comes to mobile VPN apps. With that in mind, we have listed the top 5 so that you can decide according to your needs. Look:

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the most popular VPN apps in the world. A large part of this success is due to its security, as it brings a connection through the WireGuard protocol, one of the safest today. The application is available for Android and iOS mobile devices and has several subscription plans.

  • NordVPN for iOS ;
  • NordVPN for Android .

Nord VPNSource:  App Store 

2. Express VPN

For those looking for an easy and fast app to connect, Express VPN is the best choice. With it, in a few steps, you can choose a country where your IP address will be, and browse with the resources of the software’s private network, whose security is also one of the most praised.

The app is available for Android and iOS mobile devices and has a 7-day free trial period.

  • Express VPN for iOS ;
  • Express VPN for Android.

Express VPNSource:  App Store 

3. Norton Secure VPN

Norton, which has always had a tradition among security apps, also has a VPN service for mobile devices.

In it, addition to having the common features of the connection,  it is also possible to activate other options to preserve your navigation, such as blocking ad trackers and warnings about suspicious networks. The app is available for Android and iOS mobile devices and has monthly and annual plans.

  • Norton Secure VPN for iOS ;
  • Norton Secure VPN for Android.

Norton Secure VPNSource:  App Store 

4. Hotspot Shield

For those who want to subscribe to a good VPN service, and without paying too much, Hotspot Shield does the trick. It brings practically all the basic features of other applications but with the advantage of having more affordable plans for users.

Mainly for those who just want to browse safely, or access websites from other regions of the world. The software is available for Android and iOS mobile devices and has monthly and annual plans.

  • Hotspot Shield for iOS ;
  • Hotspot Shield for Android.

Hotspot ShieldSource:  App Store 

5. VPN – Super Unlimited Proxy

Super Unlimited Proxy is an app for anyone looking to get to know a VPN service better and, above all, not pay anything for it.

Totally free, it brings some of the most common features present in other applications and a level of security that allows you to access websites from other countries. The software is available for free for Android and iOS mobile devices.

  • VPN – Super Unlimited Proxy for iOS ;
  • VPN – Super Unlimited Proxy for Android.

VPN – Super Unlimited ProxySource:  App Store 

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Now that you know what a VPN on your cell phone is, just see the advantages and disadvantages of using one to analyze whether it is worth it or not.

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