CyberGhost VPN Review: Navigate in Easy Mode

CyberGhost VPN Review: Navigate in Easy Mode

CyberGhost VPN is a tool that connects you with content from other parts of the world, allowing you to browse without restrictions. So, we have decided to review it.

CyberGhost emerged in 2011, specifically in Bucharest, Romania. The idea was to offer the most secure, private, and reliable solution in the world. Currently, they work in Romania and Germany, forming 2 united teams to support civil rights, a free society, and uncensored internet culture.

Why do I want a VPN program?

Mainly, to go further. Today, we find extensions in Google Chrome that can do a good job, but you always have to aspire to more extended solutions.

VPN programs respond to a need: to be able to view and enjoy geographically restricted content. For example, we can access the streaming of American programs, among others. If we try it without VPN, it will tell us that this content is not available.

The same thing happens on YouTube, Vimeo, etc., restricting the content and preventing the user from enjoying it, for the mere fact of living in a certain area. This is where VPN programs come in, such as CyberGhost, which work with an interconnection of nodes that make use of ” tunneling “.

This “tunneling” would refer to a kind of secure tunnel used to exchange encrypted information and thus avoid crackers. The information travels through a public network, but in a protected and anonymous way, hence the importance of OpenVPNIKEv2, or WireGuard, for example.

Therefore, a VPN network is private (Virtual Private Network), which serves private interests. Thus, there are companies that provide servers, protocols, and other services in exchange for consideration: payment of a price.

CyberGhost VPN: what is it

CyberGhost VPN is a program developed by CyberGhost, a company that refers to its community members as ” Ghosties .” It is paid software and with just one subscription you can protect up to 7 devices at a time. They also offer a 45-day refund policy for those who are not satisfied.

In turn, they offer up to 6,000 VPN servers established in 90 countries, something that we can verify through their official page. It is worth mentioning that they offer a 24-hour technical service every day of the year, and work with a “No logs” policy, which means “without records”.

What utility does it offer us?

Of course, you will want to know if it is worth opting for this VPN program and what it offers. Well, its advantages are the following:

  • Access geographically restricted content. Users who opt for this type of tool seek to access content that is restricted by country. Thanks to CyberGhost we can enjoy these without problems, such as streaming from the United States, Japan, etc.
  • Secure access. If we were to use this program without security, we would fall prey to crackers looking to steal our data. For this reason, one of the most remarkable functions is this 2+1: worldwide access in a secure way. Security will be the same whether we connect via Wi-Fi, through a 4G modem or by cable.
  • Use of protocols to protect data. CyberGhost offers 3 main protocols: OpenVPN, Ikev2, and WireGuard. Likewise, we can choose the “automatic selection” option so that the program chooses the most convenient one according to our needs.
  • Access to foreign streaming and torrent downloads. This is another of its star functions, and it is that we can access the Amazon Prime Video US catalog, as well as Disney+ when it was not in Spain. Some of you will know that the United States has many streaming services like Netflix, which can only be used if your connection is from there. On the other hand, highlight its access to P2P content.
  • Get your dedicated IP. This menu allows you to create your own anonymous IP address, in case you don’t share IP with other people. This service is exclusively paid and works through tokens.
  • Web security options. It is important to note that CyberGhost has a number of security protections, such as blocking ads, dangerous websites, redirects, and data compression.

CyberGhost en Windows 10

We are going to divide the entire review into the programs that this company has for Windows and Android since they are the most used OS. The Windows application is quite light and intuitive, something essential for less experienced users.


Starting with the interface it offers, we found it minimalist, direct, and simple. From left to right, we have three sections:

  • Left sidebar to choose the main menus.
  • Next bar to navigate through the options of the chosen menu.
  • Central panel with the main options.
  • Right sidebar to activate or deactivate the VPN.

This is the main menu of CyberGhost, being able to configure quick options in ” smart rules “, as well as select the favorite VPNs to avoid searching for them when we want to use them. There is a differentiation between Torrenting and streaming, although we have used that of “all servers”.

If we go to all the servers, you will see the countries that we have within our reach, the distance between said server and us, as well as the load of use that it has. His thing is to choose one that does not have a lot of loads to avoid a high pin and saturation in the upload and download speeds.

The dedicated IP option is exclusively paid and consists of acquiring a unique secret IP for us. When we select a VPN, we will be sharing a public IP with others, so this menu gives some exclusivity.

We get certain options aimed at web browsing in the ” connection functions ” section. From CyberGhost VPN we can block ads, websites, tracking, etc. There are few options, but we consider that they are useful to the user.

As for the smart rules, we find 4 tabs to navigate through, offering options related to the application itself. We can establish that CyberGhost starts with Windows, configure Wi-Fi network protection, as well as add web page exceptions.

As a curiosity, we wanted to show you the possibility to start VPN automatically when running a web browser, whether incognito or not. In my case, it only offers me Chrome because it’s the only one installed, but it will let you choose between Firefox, etc., by selecting “Choose another app…”.

As you can see, it is a clean interface, without too many options, and easily manageable by any user. In this sense, we give it a good grade because the experience is magnificent, being fluid at all times.


CyberGhost ‘s configuration is simple since most of the options can be found in the other menu. Mainly, we find 3 sections :

  • Generalities. Here we can configure the program itself, choosing the interface color, if we want to send data, language, restore default, etc.
  • CyberGhostVPN. This is a much more specific section, related to the application’s VPN connection. We can configure the VPN protocol that we want to use (or leave it automatic), use TCP, connect to a random port, as well as other security options.

The last section would be the same that we see in most programs of this type, which is related to the username and password, the subscribed plan, etc.

Bandwidth and latency

Connection tests between different VPN servers could not be missing to check what speed we are going to enjoy. To say in advance, that the connection used for the tests is 100 MB of fiber optics, something that you will verify as soon as you see the data “Without VPN”.

It was to be expected that the ping would trigger when we connected to a distant server, such as Australia. After browsing this server, we have noticed slow loading, not just the latency itself. Fortunately, it is not necessary to connect to servers so far away to access certain content.

In the case of the United States, the download will not be a problem, being better than the German server. Of course, the German server had more load than the American one. We are surprised by both the download speed and the ping: the first for being very good, the second for being very unstable.

We have done tests with closer servers, such as France or Italy, and the result was similar to that of Germany, so we have not included them.

CyberGhost en Android

The Android application is connected to the main account, so we can use CyberGhost both on Windows and on smartphones simultaneously. Although everything seems more simplified, it can be configured in the same way, as we will see below.


After giving the mythical configuration gear, we access this menu distributed in 3 tabs :

  • General.
  • VPN.
  • Wifi.

As you can see, the general tab does not have much else, so we are going to go to the VPN tab, which does have several options.

Also, we found the connection characteristics useful because we can enjoy interesting functions, such as advertising blocking, data compression (so as not to spend the fee), protection, or tracking.

Here, we find practically the same options as in Windows, with the exceptions of DNS, IPv6, etc. The change of VPN protocol is the same: OpenVPN, WireGuard, or automatic (IKEv2 disappears).

One of the novelties that the app brings is that we can adjust the MTU size, although for the tests we have left it default.

We move on to the Wifi tab, which doesn’t have many options to configure: it has just what we need.


As you have seen, the interface is very simple and doesn’t confuse us with complementary menus: everything is direct and simple. Let’s see how they have proposed the choice of VPN servers.

When we have it disconnected from any VPN server, we have to click on the chosen server so that all the servers appear, globally or streaming.

In the app, naturally, we do not have the “torrenting” tab because P2P connections are not used on smartphones, at least in general. Therefore, it all comes down to streaming and servers globally.

In the case of the ” Streaming ” tab, we liked that CyberGhost diversifies the servers according to the optimization they have. Depending on what you are looking for, you will be interested in one or the other.

Finally, you have the favorites tab to save the servers that you like the most.

Bandwidth and latency

We wanted to divide the results obtained in Wi-Fi and 4G data because the differences are obvious when browsing, downloading, or uploading data. Also, we have used the same servers, although it is worth mentioning that some of them had more load than last time.

Before starting, the connection is the same as that of the PC: 100 Mbps. The difference is that via Wi-Fi you lose a lot of speed, hence the lower speeds resulting in the test. Say that the router was closed and that you had full coverage.

All tests have been carried out with the SpeedTest app.

Curiously, the ping drops when we connect via Wi-Fi from the smartphone, at least on remote servers. Both in the US and in Australia, we have less ping than if we connected from the PC.

On the other hand, 4G works better at the speed level, increasing the ping a bit. We are struck by the little loss of speed that there is with respect to the US connection, the rise being very similar. Also, the speed of descent of Australia and Germany, having a distance between those two beastly countries.

streaming differences

Many of you want to use VPN programs to access live channel broadcasts, such as interesting streaming services (see Hulu).

Immediately we connected to the United States VPN server to watch CNN live, something that is not possible if we do it without connecting to it.

The experience on CNN has been very good, although the streaming was cut several times because the results of the United States elections were being broadcast, so the streaming had a lot of traffic. We have tried it on other occasions and it has been perfect.

However, I have noticed a curiosity that I want to share with you: the VPN affects Spotify streaming. It’s just an anecdote, but when I activated the American VPN, I noticed that the advertising for my free account changed the language, offering me American services and products.

Plans and prices

Finally, let’s take a look at what offers we have at CyberGhost. The payment system is a subscription, and we have several annual and monthly payment plans. All plans include the following:

  • Access to more than 6,600 servers.
  • Protection of up to 7 simultaneous devices.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Compatibility with all OS

CyberGhost offers these plans:

  • Star plan: €78 in exchange for 3 years and 3 months. This is equivalent to €2/month for 3 years, so we get a discount of 83%. In return, we receive the following:
    • CyberGhost VPN for 39 months.
    • CyberGhost ID Guard.
    • Boxcryptor.
    • Access to NoSpy servers.
  • A monthly plan, which costs €11.99/month.
  • Annual plan, with a price of €45, which is equivalent to €3.75/month.
  • 2-year annual plan, which is equivalent to €3.19/month and is priced at €76.56.

Since we bought CyberGhost, we have a 45-day money-back guarantee if we are not satisfied.

We hope this information has been useful to you. Likewise, you can comment below to expose your doubts and we will answer you to help you.

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