How to configure the Windows firewall and use a secure VPN on public Wi-Fi

How to configure the Windows firewall and use a secure VPN on public Wi-Fi

Using a virtual private network, or VPN, is the best way to protect yourself on public networks, like a free Wi-Fi mall or your favorite cafe. However, you can put your data at risk if all precautions are not taken in these cases. Learn how to configure Windows Firewall to safely use VPNs on public Wi-Fi.

Creating a secure network profile

Step 1. With the VPN service active, go to the Windows command line by typing “cmd” (without quotes) in the Start menu;

Step 2. Type the command “ipconfig /all” (without quotes) and press Enter;

Step 3. Write down the number that appears next to the physical address, it will be imported at the end of the operation;

Step 4. Download and install Comodo Firewall;

Step 5. Open the program and go to the advanced settings by clicking the button in the upper left corner of the window;

Step 6. Click on “Firewall”;

Step 7. In the Network Zones section, open the menu below, on the topic “Add” click on “New Network Zone” to create a new network;

Step 8. Name the network, remembering that this is what runs when the computer is using Wi-Fi or a VPN;

Step 9. Check the box next to your newly created network and now click below to add a “new address”;

Step 10. Select “MAC Address” from the list and enter the number you noted in step 3 in the field.

Creating this set of rules

Step 1. In Comodo Firewall, go to the “Set rules” section and add a new menu at the bottom;

Step 2. Name the “VPN Rules” and click “Add” below;

Step 3. Set the first rule as follows:

– Action: Block
– Protocol: IP
– Address: Input / Output
– Source Address: Any address
– Destination Address: Any address

Step 4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to create a second rule, but with the following values:

– Action: Allow
– Protocol: IP
– Director: Output
– Source Address: Network Zone / Your zone (network other than the one you created)
– Destination Address: Any address

Step 5. Repeat again to create the third and final rule:

– Action: Allow
– Protocol: IP
– Director: Input
– Source address: Any address
– Destination address: Network Zone / “Secure networks and VPN”

The application in your preferred browser

Step 1. In the “Application Rules”, click on the “Add” button in the bottom menu to choose the browser you want to use to access a VPN on an insecure network;

Step 2. Enter the path of the chosen browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or another of your choice, and check the “rule set” option. Next, select from the list next to your newly created group;

Step 3. Repeat step 2, only this time, select the program that is used to access the VPN, which checks next to “animals”;

Step 4. Restart your computer before testing.

Ready. Now whenever you’re on a public network using Firefox, Comodo Firewall will block connections until you can access the VPN with security, which should keep your data safe from taking advantage of the vulnerability of an open Wi-Fi network..

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