Free Google One VPN comes to Pixel 7; see how it works

Pixel 7 smartphone users can now use the free Google One VPN. The availability of the tool on cell phones had been announced by big tech in October, at the launch of the series of devices, but it did not arrive immediately.

Initially, Google warned that the VPN for the Pixel 7 would be released in December of this year. She ended up being available even before the arrival of the last month of the year.

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The feature can be used in almost all markets the phone has been launched in except India and Singapore. According to Android Authority, this is because the service requires a Google One plan of 2TB or more. In those two Asian countries, there is no availability.

Users who already have the Pixel 7 will see a new splash screen when they open the Google One app. There they can see the VPN announcement message. In the “Benefits” tab, there are more details about the tool.

The new Pixel 7 smartphones were launched by Google in early October. Source: Triyansh Gill/Unsplash 

How to Enable Google One VPN on Pixel 7:

  1. It is possible to use the feature with a quick switch of settings.
  2. Access “Settings”.
  3. Look for “Network and Internet”.
  4. Click “VPN”.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network in English. It serves to hide user activity on the internet. On Google’s new smartphones, it works for everything the owner does on the phone, including internet traffic on Android, apps, and any browser used.

Google points out, however, that it is not possible to use the network to change regions and access geo-restricted content.

Typically, VPNs are paid for, which makes launching on the Pixel 7 quite interesting. Google, for example, has a Google One subscription plan that comes with the service. The solution is in the 2TB subscription, which costs R$34.99 per month in Brazil, but the country does not have support for the security tool.TecMundo discount coupons:

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