Google One Offers VPN on Cloud Backup Plans

Google One Offers VPN on Cloud Backup Plans

Service promises greater navigation security and is available to users of 2TB plans or higher

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Google announced, this Thursday (29), the launch of a VPN integrated into its cloud storage service, Google One. The tool promises to provide an extra layer of security for browsing public and unprotected networks – but it is linked to plans starting at 2 TB, at least in the United States.

By activating the Google One app’s built-in VPN, all of your smartphone’s online traffic is protected by encryption – no matter which app you’re using. In this way, it is possible to avoid exposing sensitive data, such as banking information, and have greater protection against hacker attacks.

Google further states that if you share the 2TB Google One, the feature will also be available to those people at no additional cost. This is good news for those who intend to share the subscription fee with family members – in Brazil, it costs R$ 34.99 (monthly) or R$ 349.99 (annual).

When you subscribe to the 2TB Google One, you’ll also have access to Pro Sessions experts to understand more about the storage service and VPN features.

Activating the Google One VPN (Image: Disclosure/Google)

Google One VPN Availability

Initially, Google One VPN comes to Android users in the United States. However, the company intends to expand the feature to iOS, Windows, and Mac in the coming months, as well as bring it to more countries.

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