Google One VPN Comes to Windows and Mac

Google One VPN Comes to Windows and Mac

One of the added benefits of Google One, Google’s online storage, is the access subscribers get to the VPN service that allows their mobile phone to use a secure connection.

However, the service was only available for smartphones. But, this Wednesday, Google today launched applications for PC to bring the same VPN connection to the computer.ADVERTISING

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For starters, the Google One VPN will be available in the same 22 markets where the mobile VPN connection is available.

It’s also currently only available to those who subscribe to Google One’s 2TB storage or higher. Once on a plan of this tier, you can share it with up to five family members, including the VPN service.

To get the new desktop VPN apps, you have to log into your Google One account, tap on the “Benefits” section and click on the “Multi-device VPN” option.

You should then see a “Download App” button to grab the correct app for your type of PC. Install as you would any other app, and then it’s time to activate your VPN.

Google claims that this VPN offers “world-class encryption and security technology” to make your app, streaming, and browser sessions safe from tracking and possible spying “by hackers”.

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