Google Set to Add AI to Search After Samsung Considers Bing Deal

Google set to add AI to search after Samsung considers Bing deal

The popularization of search with artificial intelligence made Samsung think about switching to Microsoft; Google speeds up integration to avoid losing billionaire contract

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Google is expected to launch Bard integration into its search service soon. After showing the artificial intelligence to the world and releasing it in the United States, the company accelerates the delivery of the resource integrated into the search service – and yes, starting in the USA. The reason for “increasing speed” does not come only from the competition, but from a partner: Samsung.

The South Koreans don’t want to wait to find out if searches with AI will be the future or not: the public is now liking the idea. Soon, your smartphones and tablets need to hand over to an AI-powered chat service. And if Google won’t go to Samsung, Samsung will go to Microsoft.

Samsung considered switching from Google to Bing as the default search engine

According to the New York Times, which learned of Google’s plans to launch AI search, Samsung considered “hiring” Bing as its default search engine. The idea of ​​​​the South Korean manufacturer was aired at the end of March, a month after Google showed Bard, its generative AI, to rival ChatGPT and Bing Chat.

If Google waited too long for “the water to reach its neck” to take the use of artificial intelligence in searches seriously, seeing a partnership worth US$ 3 billion (approximately R$ 14.8 billion) at risk motivated the company to put it into action the Magic project. “Magi” is the first step in Bard’s launch for the search engine. The New York Times reports that the novelty will be presented in May, at the I/O 2023 event.

The team responsible for the Magi project is made up of 160 people, including engineers, executives, and designers — who are responsible for integrating the new chat on the search page. When Google introduced Bard, it was shown that a part of the AI ​​response appears at the top of the results. At the moment, the resource is released on its own website.

The idea is that the new stage of Bard will be released to 1 million users in the United States, ending the year with 30 million “testers”. Meanwhile, everyone can use Bing Chat.

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