Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Use a VPN

Here are 5 reasons why you should use a VPN

VPNs are in! A survey by GlobalWebIndex has just revealed what are the primary uses of VPNs by internet users around the world. Check out.

  1. The basic function of a VPN is to allow anonymous internet browsing. However, although this service has become vital regarding privacy, security is not the main reason people use this feature.ADVERTISING

2. In 2018, audience analytics platform GlobalWebIndex conducted a survey of over 33,000 PC VPN users and 25,000 mobile VPN users. Based on the participant’s responses, the company defined the top five uses of VPNs on these platforms.

3. At the top of the list is the use of VPNs to access better entertainment content, a reason cited by 57% of mobile device users and 54% of desktop users.

4. For 36% of smartphone and 34% of desktop users, VPNs are used to access social networks, websites, or news services blocked in their home countries. GlobalWebIndex claims that 41% of VPN users on mobile phones in China, for example, use this feature to access social networks blocked in the country, despite the practice being repressed there.

5. Using a VPN on the computer is related to privacy and work issues. Thus, 35% of respondents said they use VPNs to browse anonymously, and 30% use VPNs to access work files and services through VPNs approved by the IT department of the companies where they work.

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