Hola VPN app can ‘steal’ your connection and expose your PC to risks

Hola VPN app can 'steal' your connection and expose your PC to risks

A Trend Micro report pointed out that the free VPN service Hola can expose user data to risk. Popular among Netflix users in Brazil, the VPN application would be selling part of the computers’ internet bandwidth as a commercial network for the Luminati program. The action could open loopholes for intrusions into systems and data theft.

According to TechRadar, Trend Micro analyzed 100 million anonymously scanned URLs. The survey found that every computer running the free version of HolaVPN was being used as a monetized exit point by Luminati, which offers home proxy networks. The security company further showed that 85% of the traffic was directed to mobile ads and other smartphone-related domains and programs.ADVERTISING

By using the user’s computer as an edge of a proxy network, HolaVPN can further facilitate the invasion of the machine by criminals. In the case of use on business PCs, this tends to be more risky, given the attractiveness of business information to cybercriminals. Finally, there is also the possibility that the user’s internet bandwidth is used to create a botnet network, aimed at carrying out illegal activities and targeted attacks. Popular In The Community

Marcos BorkowskiI just tested the privacy email, but it doesn’t work, it returns with a non-existing email. Top Comment

Art of Makingmy Jesus, what a rubbish article. most of that “list” are mostly discontinued projects. Whoever wrote this even spent a few minutes researching the topic? Top Comment

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Marlin Munhos AmbroziThe article is very important but one piece of information was missing: how the fire occurs; mentions that the batteries are to blame, but is it when it is being charged, when it falls, in daily use? Or does it simply explode at any moment? Top Comment

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