How to Tell If Someone Uses Your Wi-Fi Without Permission

How to Tell If Someone Uses Your Wi-Fi Without Permission

Everyone has probably had a neighbor or friend borrow Wi-Fi. But what to do when the person does not request authorization and just “steals” your internet signal? Follow the tips below and find out who is invading your Wi-Fi and how to block it.

Wi-Fi is your digital home . It stores important data and information about you, for this reason, it is essential that you keep the network safe and secure. In addition to people hurting you financially by using your internet without paying, they overload your connection, can download illegal files using your IP address, hold you responsible for the crime, and even manage to hack your devices by infecting your network with viruses.ADVERTISING

As the Wi-Fi network of a house is usually shared by all residents, when someone invades it, not only the information of just one person is exposed, but that of everyone in the residence, making the situation even more serious.

Next, learn how to prevent an attack on your privacy, property, and security.

How do I know who is using my WiFi?

  1. Enter your router’s IP into any browser. To find out the IP, just press the Windows key + R, type “cmd” and Enter. At the command prompt, type “ipconfig | more” and press Enter. Various information will appear. Look for “Default Gateway” and check the number – this is your router’s IP.

2. Log in and access the router settings. They usually use default usernames and passwords, a search for “router password” followed by make and model should give you the result. You could also try something like “router password” and the name of the carrier, as some use different default passwords than the manufacturer’s.

3. Look on the router’s interface for a tab that shows “connected devices”, and lists all the devices connected to your network. One way to discover intruders is to disconnect all devices from the network, both mobile and cable-based, except the computer you are using to access the router. If there is any device connected beside it, there is a possibility that it is an intruder.

How to kick intruders off my Wi-Fi network?

  • Change the Wi-Fi password;
  • Change the network name;
  • Enable WPA2 encryption for extra protection;
  • Enable media access control or MAC filtering – feature allows you to whitelist;
  • Use your router settings to disable suspicious and automatic connections;
  • Use reliable monitoring apps.

It is worth noting that the tips mentioned help protect and exclude intruders, but the system can be easily circumvented if they have your network password.

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Securing your Wi-Fi network

According to NordVPN, there are some guidelines for you to further protect your internet network, they are:

  • Establish a visitor network;
  • Disable the network SSID to prevent your network from propagating;
  • Check your router settings frequently, as well as change your password every two months;
  • Do not share files and devices if you are suspicious of suspicious activity;
  • Do not share the password with people you do not know and trust;
  • Use a VPN to ensure security in information exchanges.

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