How to use Google Bard in Brazil without having to pay anything

How to use Google Bard in Brazil without having to pay anything

Artificial intelligence chatbot can be accessed from a VPN like an Opera browser Credits: Playback/Google Bard, Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot which is a direct competitor to ChatGPT, is accessible in Brazil. Using this tool, you have access to a generative language model that is capable not only of talking to you but also of creating texts, tables, programming codes, and other contents whose complexity depends on the accuracy of your command.

Officially, the tool that works only in English has been released since May 10, 2023, in 180 countries, as announced at the opening conference of Google I / O 2023. Brazil was left out of this list and there is no forecast for the situation to officially change, but that does not mean that access is completely blocked for the user. 

With a popular and easy-to-use program for both mobile and desktop, it is possible in a few steps to start chatting and asking Bard for content. Below, see how to do this.

How to use Google Bard in Brazil for free

1. The first step is to download and install the Opera browser. This is a program based on Google’s Chromium engine, which features a built-in virtual private network (VPN) that is free to use. This free tool masks the identity of your connection and circumvents the region lock, making you look like you’re in another part of the planet.

Opera can be downloaded from the browser’s official website. On the desktop, it has versions for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebooks. For mobile devices, there is a download option on Android ( Google Play Store ) and for iOS ( App Store ).

If you don’t want to use Opera or already have a favorite VPN service, just skip straight to step three.

2. Open Opera. On the desktop, tap the “VPN” icon next to the address bar and go to the power icon to turn on the virtual network (the status should appear as “Protected “, as in the image below). Then, in the same window, select the “Americas” option as the location.

This will cause your connection to be understood as originating from the United States or close by, entering the list of regions enabled to test Bard. If the user wishes, it is possible to access the full and paid version of the VPN to specifically choose the country that will be his identity when browsing. However, this is not necessary in this case.

Image source: Reproduction/Opera

On mobile, the path is a little different. On the browser’s home screen, tap your profile icon (the portrait-shaped button) and then go to the gear symbol to access the program’s settings.

There, select the  “VPN” item to open a new window. Here, the scheme is the same as in the desktop version: you can activate the virtual network and select the “Americas” field as the territory.

Image source: Reproduction/Opera

Don’t forget to uncheck the item “Use VPN only for private tabs” so that it stays active during all browsing in common tabs.

3. Access Bard’s website by clicking here. Then click “Try Bard” and wait for it to load. If the on-screen button reads “Sign in “, this means that you will first have to sign in to a Google account (@gmail) to access the AI.

Ready! Now just start chatting with the chatbot, available in both light and dark themes. Google’s AI works very similarly to ChatGPT, providing a text space for you to type questions and using the rest of the screen to display the answers. 

When you’re finished using Bard, just close your browser tab and turn off the VPN in the same window accessed in Step 2. It’s worth remembering that, at least for the time being, it only responds in English and you are subject to errors in your responses, as it is still in the testing phase.

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At the end of each response, Bard offers a sort of performance review survey for you to rate the content as positive or negative. 

It is also possible to export the answer (icon in the form of an upward arrow) and even Google the subject of the conversation (“Google it” button), with the AI ​​making some search suggestions on the topic addressed when you click on the button. Depending on what was discussed, the chatbot also lists which sources were consulted so you can better inform yourself and confirm that content with your own eyes.

Located in the left side menu or accessed through this link, Bard’s additional options include a history of all your commands and the possibility for you to delete previous queries.

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