How to Watch Disney+ in Spain and Around the World With PureVPN

How to watch Disney+ in Spain and around the world with PureVPN

One of the great uses of VPN connections is being able to unblock content that we would not otherwise be able to see in our country. In addition, subscribing to one of these providers gives us the possibility of browsing encrypted in a huge private network from any country and on any device.

In this article, we will see how to watch Disney+ in Spain and around the world with PureVPN. A new platform from the animation giant that offers all its content, from Marvel movies to the most emblematic family series and cartoons. So let’s go there.

Let’s remember what a VPN is for

A VPN network is a local network or internal network in which the users connected to it are geographically separated. Access to this network will be through the Internet, and no one except subscribed users will be able to access it, which is why it is called a virtual private network. In this way, we will be able to make all the Internet connections in a safe and reliable way without having to be physically where our internal network is. Among the benefits of using a VPN we can highlight the following:

  • Greater security in public connections
  • Avoid certain blocks according to countries or geographical areas
  • Avoid censorship in our own internet provider

The possibility that we will exploit with PureVPN will be precisely that of evading the blocks in our geographical area to be able to watch the content of Disney+, ESPN, Hulu, or any other channel or provider of TV programs from Spain without blocking.

What are PureVPN and subscriptions?

PureVPN is one of the most recognized VPN providers that we can find on the net. It has servers in some 140 countries around the world where we can connect to its huge network to eliminate the restrictions of our own country.

It is a paid premium service, so we have guaranteed support in case of errors or problems that arise. As in other cases, the process of registering and setting up the account is very simple, and we only need to download its application to be able to connect from any device to the network. It offers compatibility with PC, Mac, Linux, all kinds of portable and mobile devices, browsers, and also SmartTV.

In addition to being able to connect to servers in another country, PureVPN also provides us with a private network where all content is handled encrypted and anonymously. In fact, it has a function to mask our real IP address so that our connections are totally anonymous, which is great for browsing from public places, etc.

Subscriptions to this service will cost $2.91 per year with the biennial plan or $1.99 per month as a special offer, which is a ridiculously affordable price for what we gain from continuous use.

What we can see and how in Disney +

Here is the essence of the matter, to see Disney+ in Spain even today we will need a VPN network to be able to locate ourselves in one of the countries where the service is unblocked.

In fact, PureVPN will be especially useful for users in Latin American, African, and Asian countries, since Disney+ is not yet scheduled to expand its coverage to those countries. In the case of Spain and a large part of Europe, the service is scheduled to be unlocked on March 24, 2020, but not in other countries, as you can see on this map.

We all already know Disney, is one of the largest entertainment platforms in the world for children and those who are not so young. Owned by them are, for example, Marvel movies, superhero series, Star Wars, and an endless number of series and content. We will also have all this available to watch via streaming from the platform, along with all the 90s adolescent and animated series.

Do we need a subscription?

Well, we will need it, since PureVPN does not have a package that includes these services unless we create an account on the Disney Plus platform itself. This is extensible to other media such as Hulu or ESPN+.

In fact, the PureVPN guys give us some tips on their website about how to get this subscription. To begin with, we must take into account that for now, the subscription must be made in the country where the service is unlocked, since we can only make the payment for the services from the country in question. That is, the payment of the account must be made from the US, Canada, and other countries with a service, for example by asking a friend there.

Another very interesting option is to take a complete package with the Disney + Bundle that includes, in addition to Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+, and thus enjoy two huge extra platforms for series, movies, and sports to watch with our VPN. In fact, if we have a subscription with one of the other two, we can use the same email for Disney+ and it will be added to the payment fee. The complete pack is $12.99 per month.

Watch Disney+ in Spain with PureVPN

The first thing will be to create an account in PureVPN in the traditional way, that is, we enter email and password. We must attach the payment method, and although we do not have trial days, the company will refund the money in the first 31 days.

Once inside our control panel, we have many elements to see and manage, but we go directly to Apps, and we recommend downloading the one for Windows or Android, or Mac, depending on our platform, which we will install in the system.

After downloading it, we will install it as normal and we will get into our PureVPN account in the app.

We can connect directly to one of the many servers that are scattered around the world. Logically, to take advantage of the Disney+ services, we recommend Canada or the US, although it is also available in Australia and the Netherlands.

If we prefer, we can choose the ” popular websites ” option so that, in addition to connecting to the best server, it takes us directly to the site in the browser. Here we will place our Disney+ account, or for example, the Hulu account and we will be able to see the content blocked in our country. Disney+ does not appear on this list as such, so let’s get in from right here.

All we have to do is create an account on the multimedia platform, and we will have already managed to watch Disney+ in Spain with PureVPN or in another country. Take into account what has been said about the payment of Disney + services.

The application offers us some optimized configuration options to carry out different tasks with our equipment. But if what we want is to enjoy channels from other countries, the default option of “transmit” will be the one we must choose.

Impact on our bandwidth

At this point we are already enjoying the services that are blocked in our country, so to finish, we are going to see the impact that this encrypted connection via VPN has on our Internet connection.

The connection in which we have tested this service is about 40 Mbps, so we have connected to the US server and we have tried to download using µTorrent and perform a speed test. We have also carried out a latency comparison with our website to see the effects of the VPN connection.

These are the results:

The bandwidth remains stable and at the same capacity as the one contracted, both in download and upload. We also see that the P2P download is done without major problems at a fairly logical and normal speed for this connection.

Where we do see the consequences is in the latency of the connection, which increases substantially by having to travel a longer path to link to the website.

All this will depend to a large extent on the server we are connected to since the US is not the same as Australia or France. Geographical location has an influence.

Bottom Line on Watching Disney+ with PureVPN

It is demonstrated that enjoying the services of Disney+, ESPN, Hulu or any other platform in our country is within our reach using VPN. With this method, we eliminate geographical barriers and we also provide our Internet connection with extra security by browsing encrypted and anonymously.

The only drawback for a lot will be the fact of having to pay for the service and the subscription to the platform, but friends, everything has a price in this life, and if we want to enjoy the content we will have to invest a little of our money.

We have also seen that the bandwidth is barely affected by the connection, and only the latency will be influenced by the server we are connected to. In general, we see an excellent opportunity here for those who use their SmartTV a lot, series enthusiasts, and families with children.

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