In addition to Having 96 Cores, AMD’s New Chip Should Surpass 1 GB of Cache

In addition to Having 96 Cores, AMD's New Chip Should Surpass 1 GB of Cache

Supposedly the most advanced chip from the future AMD Genoa-X line was found on a Chinese website; the total processor cache can reach 1.25 GB

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In March, rumors surfaced that AMD will release a processor with 96 cores and over 1GB of L3 cache. The subject had little repercussions, but everything changed last weekend when an AMD Epyc Genoa-X chip with the aforementioned characteristics appeared in a Chinese online store.

The AMD Epyc line is aimed at servers and professional applications, which is why the total of 96 cores is not surprising. AMD has already reached this number with chips like the Epyc 9654P and 9654.

You can’t say the same about the supposed amount of cache. More than 1GB is a remarkable feat even for a 96-core processor. Take, for example, the fact that the Epyc 9654P and 9654 have a 384 MB L3 cache.

In 2022, AMD went further with the Epyc Milan-X models. The most advanced of them, the Epyc 7773X, has 768 MB of L3 cache, although the number of cores stays at 64 units.

But if the rumors are right, the 96-core Epyc Genoa-X will have 1,152 MB of L3 cache, 96 MB of L2 cache, and 3 MB of L1 cache, totaling 1.25 GB. The official name of the model should be AMD Epyc 9684X, according to rumors.

This data was released in mid-March. Behold, last Sunday, the Olrak profile, on Twitter, found a chip identified as AMD Epyc 9684X for sale on Goofish. The product description matches the specifications released last month.

Is the chip real?

There are strange details in this story. For starters, what would an as-yet-unreleased processor be doing at Goofish, a Chinese second-hand goods website?

In addition, the product was offered for sale at a price equivalent to US$ 1,300. It is a very low value. For comparison purposes, the Epyc 9654 costs around $12,000.

These factors make us suspicious that the discovered product is fake. The chip could also be a prototype or sample for AMD partners that somehow ended up in third-party hands.

But Epyc 9684X could be real

The provenance of the chip found in the Goofish is questionable. Despite this, chances are good that the Epyc 9684X will turn out to be a real product. That’s because Epyc Genoa-X chips are really expected. They are expected to be announced in 2023.

The new Epyc processors should feature AMD Zen 4 architecture and TSMC’s 5- nanometer manufacturing process.

They should also feature a 3D V-Cache. This is a tunneling technology that stacks layers of cache on top of the CPU. This approach precisely allows the amount of L3 cache to be increased.

The technology is not new. The Epyc Milan-X models reach 768 MB of L3 due to the 3D V-Cache.

On the likely Epyc 9684X, 768 MB of the 1,152 MB of L3 will be based on 3D V-Cache, according to rumors.

The chip should also have a TDP of 360-400 W and support for DDR5 memories. OMGAMD EpycCacheEpyc 7773XEpyc 9654Epyc 9654PV-Cache 3DTwitterCpuTSMC

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