Microsoft Edge will Integrate Its Own VPN

Microsoft Edge will Integrate Its Own VPN

Microsoft Edge is one of the fastest-growing browsers in the international market. The large number of improvements that are introduced into it on a regular basis is something that has helped this growth. Microsoft joins forces with Cloudflare now to integrate a VPN into your browser. This VPN will be made official very soon.

Microsoft Edge will integrate its own VPN

Although neither of the two companies has made this official, various details have already been released about this VPN that will be official in the well-known browser.

New Feature

Microsoft Edge Secure Network will be the name of this VPN that the browser will integrate. It will provide the same functions that we already know from other VPNs, so it will ensure that users enjoy a private and secure connection at all times, by encrypting the connection and hiding their location, for example. This VPN can be activated directly in the settings of the browser itself, so it will not be difficult to use it.

Of course, those who want to use this VPN will be required to log in with a Microsoft account. This will allow the company to control data usage. It will offer 1 GB free per month. From this, it follows that there will be payment plans, although so far it is unknown what they will be or how much each of them will cost.

Microsoft Edge is already the second most used browser

Cloudflare’s technology will be used to integrate this VPN into the well-known browser. No dates have been given at the moment for the arrival of this function in Microsoft Edge, although it will not take too long. Users using this browser will no longer need a separate VPN, but will instead be able to use it.

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