Microsoft will stop selling Windows 10 licenses this month

Microsoft will stop selling Windows 10 licenses this month

Those users interested in purchasing a Windows 10 license are short on time. Microsoft will stop selling operating system licenses this month. January 31 will be the last day on which these licenses for this version of your operating system will be able to be purchased. A piece of news that is shown on the firm’s website, but that had not been confirmed.

Microsoft stops selling Windows 10 licenses

At the bottom of the firm’s website, it is announced that at the end of this month, they will stop selling these licenses. There had been no communication to this effect.

No more licenses will be sold

This decision means that users will not be able to buy Windows 10 licenses directly from Microsoft. It will continue to be possible to purchase these licenses through third parties, so those interested will continue to have this possibility at all times. This is something that will not change since in most cases they are purchased through third-party websites, which offer much lower prices than Microsoft’s. So they will continue to buy these licenses this way.

This is a decision with which the company seeks to give a boost to its new operating system, Windows 11. It may thus grow in market share, having more prominence in this way. One way to try to force users to finally switch to this new version of the operating system.

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The fact that Microsoft stops selling Windows 10 licenses does not mean that it will run out of support. The company will continue to provide updates and support for this operating system for several years. There are confirmed updates until October 2025, so users who use this operating system or purchase a license now will continue to have the necessary support.

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