Mozilla Launches Beta VPN for Windows

Mozilla Launches Beta VPN for Windows 10 for $4.99 a Month

Called Firefox Private Network, Mozilla’s VPN has a free but limited option

You may remember that in September Mozilla started testing a VPN mode in Firefox. Although it remains in beta, the idea has evolved to become a service with a paid option: we are talking about the new phase of the Firefox Private Network (FPN).

In the first phase of testing, FPN was just an extension for desktop versions of Firefox. This extension still exists: it corresponds to the free version of Firefox Private Network, which offers 12 hours of encrypted browsing per month.

This option is quite limited. In addition to offering only 12 hours of use per month, it does not allow the user to choose servers from specific regions to access certain sites or services.

On the other hand, the paid version corresponds to a full VPN service — or something close to it. For the cost of US$ 4.99 per month, the user does not have time limits and can choose servers in more than 30 countries. In addition, the subscriber can add up to five devices to his account. The protection is complete, that is, it is not limited to browsing in Firefox.

For now, the paid FPN is only available for Windows 10. But Mozilla plans to bring the news to all the main platforms in the market: Android, Chromebook, iOS, macOS, and Linux.

Now comes the bucket of cold water: for now, Firefox Private Network is only available in the United States, both in the free and paid version. In addition, the modality that costs US$ 4.99 per month has a waiting list.

There are plans to take FPN to other countries. Mozilla does not give deadlines but suggests that interested parties register on the same waiting list to be informed of the international expansion of the service.

Another important detail: the organization implies that the price of US$ 4.99 is valid for a limited time. It is possible that when the FPN is officially launched, the monthly fee will increase.

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