Netflix Loosens Restrictions Against VPN Users, But Still Limits Catalog

Netflix Loosens Restrictions Against VPN Users, But Still Limits Catalog

The company completely barred access to users detected with VPN, but now starts to release the global catalog

Netflix is ​​not very fond of users using VPNs and trying to access the service. Many use this method to unlock content only available in other territories, which is perceived as a form of piracy. However, the company has begun to relax some of the restrictions it had placed against this practice.

The company had determined in 2015 that any access detected via VPN would be completely blocked. Users would have no option but to turn off the feature in order to watch the content. Now, however, the company has allowed access to the catalog, but with some limitations.ADVERTISING

For those who use VPN, the company may omit some titles from the catalog to avoid using this tool to unlock the material. Only globally licensed content will be available to this audience.

So, if you, a Brazilian user, try to connect a VPN and try to access Netflix from the United States, for example, you will not have access to exclusive material from the USA, but you will be able to normally watch the original films and series, produced by Netflix itself, which are licensed for worldwide viewing.

Netflix has not formally confirmed the change, but several tests of VPN services around the world have noticed the change, as TorrentFreak reports.

The change in strategy seems to have to do with the recognition that the VPN is not only used to circumvent geographic blocks but also to browse the internet anonymously and more securely. These users would need to turn off their VPNs to be able to access their Netflix account, which would reduce their privacy.

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