Our Story

There’s nothing complicated about this, we just assembled a team of cyber security experts and started protecting you.

VPN Worldwide is a group of cyber experts who have spent their golden age in researching and finding ways to fight against cyber crimes. We as a company care for your online safety and tries do everything to keep you safe while surfing your favorite websites. Our team wants to contribute their knowledge online which helps to secure, easily accessible, and private internet to everyone, regardless of where you are from.

Our aim is to guide our readers on how to use the Internet safely and prevent themselves from online scamming and fraud. Be Aware, Be Secure, and Be empowered that is what our team dives into it and works for you people. Till now 1 Million+ reader are benefited from our resources and our team will be more than happy if we get an opportunity to serve this world with our experience.

Meet Our Team

Ankit Bhardwaj is Co-Founder of ‘Teknologya’. He has deep interest in learning things related to the digital world and love to sharing his knowledge with others through blogs.Tarun Bhardwaj is Co-Founder of ‘Teknologya’.A fan of the world of video games for PCs since childhood, from the days of games on Floppy Disk and the last glories of the Commodore, reading magazines such as PC Gamer, Games For My Computer and many others. Even the other platforms intrigue me, but the first love never forgets

Mission Statement

VPN Worldwide is committed to securing you from online frauds and scams. We want you to become more aware, secure, and empowered from cyber. We will make assure with our writing you will get proper knowledge about Internet behavior.