Opera Announces VPN Function for Android Browser Version 51

Opera Announces VPN Function for Android Browser Version 51

Opera, a Norwegian software developer, has just announced a new version of its browser for Android, and the big news is that the VPN function can now be activated in the settings menu. The service arrives free of charge and the user can choose to use it permanently for private searches.

The new VPN browser, when enabled, gives users enhanced privacy control and improves their online security, especially when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks. When applying the use of a VPN, the data exchange takes place in a camouflaged way, so that nobody can intercept confidential information, such as a password or a credit card number. ADVERTISING

The service is unlimited and uses a 256-bit encrypted connection, and no login procedure is required to use it. With this addition, Opera sets a new standard for privacy and security in mobile browsing.

This service had already been launched by the Norwegian company years ago, but was only available for desktops, now expanding to smartphones and tablets. The company also stated that the release of version 51, containing the new feature, is already started, but that it will take some time to reach all regions.

In certain places, such as China, where access to Google, Facebook, and other services is prohibited, a VPN is the only way to get around this restriction, making this release a deal breaker.

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