VPN for Telegram: How to Keep Using the App in Brazil

VPN for Telegram: How to Keep Using the App in Brazil

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Telegram is a very popular messaging service in several countries, including Brazil. Those who are watching the news must also have noticed that, in the last week, he was even suspended in our country following a court order, which was trying to obtain data on the actions of groups suspected of planning attacks on Brazilian schools.

Thousands of people who had no connection with the story ended up banned from the application, and for them comes the news that there is a possibility of continuing to use the messenger through a VPN.

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If you are in this group, see below an alternative to use this system and maintain access to your groups on Telegram.

What is a VPN?

VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network (or virtual private network in literal translation). It is a system that allows you to create a network connection protected by encryption, disguising your online identity and creating a new access point.

To give you an idea, it is thanks to the VPN that many people are able to pay monthly fees and access streaming services that only work in the United States, for example. In this way, the system allows you to use an IP in the country or place you want, enabling this connection in real-time.

Browsing a VPN makes its server your data source, preventing your internet provider and other people from being able to identify exactly where your point of origin is – and because of that the search for the service to use Telegram increased.

You can access your Telegram groups using a free VPN, but the best and safest way is to use services like the one offered by NordVPN. Source: GettyImages 

Which VPN to choose?

There are quite a few VPN options available on the market, and a very popular one is NordVPN. If you are thinking of a service to continue using your groups on Telegram, we are looking at a more than recommended option.

Among the features of the service offered by NordVPN are double VPN (encrypting traffic twice and routing it through two servers instead of one – and making it difficult to find out who is accessing it) and obfuscated servers (which bypass VPN blocks imposed by some sites), just to name a few examples.

For those who plan on continuing to access their Telegram groups this way, NordVPN also has more than 5,200 servers in 60 countries, in addition to protecting up to six devices using just one account and having 24/7 support if you need any help with access settings.

Nord VPN

Get your online data unreadable with NordVPN. Increase your online security with safe browsing from criminals and surveillance. Your devices are protected and supported 24/7.


How to Use a VPN for Telegram

  • Create an account and download the VPN application on the device you intend to use for access;
  • Connect to a VPN server (preferably from a nearby country as this ensures maximum speeds);
  • Download the Telegram app on your device and access your account.

In case there is still a problem with Telegram, you can also try a different server or use obfuscated servers to complete the objective and stay on top of everything that happens in your groups on Telegram.

Nord Security Services

In addition to NordVPN, you can also explore other services from the brand, such as NordPass(password manager), NordLocker(encryption and file storage tool), NordLayer(enterprise VPN), and NordWL(toolkit for creating VPN products).

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