Research Shows Which VPNs Prefer to Unblock US Netflix Catalogs

Research Shows Which VPNs Prefer to Unblock US Netflix Catalogs

Check out which VPNs can unblock the most content Comparitech conducted a study listing which VPNs (Virtual Private Networks ) unblock  Netflix in which countries. We tested  59 VPNs in 30 different countries that have access to the streaming service. Testing took place on a desktop web browser as well as Netflix apps on iOS and Android operating systems.

Netflix is ​​a streaming service available in around 190 countries, each country has a different list of movies and series. This occurs due to several factors, among them: production rights, which may not be legal in some countries, regional preferences, and difficulty in translation, subtitling, and dubbing, among others.

The blocks are made by VPNs, this is what defines that the user can only access the content that was intended for his country. However, there are several ways you can “bypass” this system and purchase a VPN that is not appropriate for your location and gain access to content displayed elsewhere. The main difficulty in doing this is the large number of VPNs available, and not all of them work for all countries. For example, a VPN that can access the catalog displayed in the UK will not necessarily work for US programming, and so on. 

The study listed the VPNs with the greatest reach, that is, they work in countries with the highest number of titles. And they were:

– NordVPN in 30 countries
– SurfShark in 28 countries
– PrivateVPN in 20 countries
– Astrill: in 15 countries
– Air VPN: in 15 but only works in a desktop browser
– Windscribe in 13 countries
– Mullvad: in 13 countries but only works in a desktop browser
– CyberGhost in 11 countries

Research has shown that VPNs have priority in unblocking content from countries with a more complete catalog, which coincides with places where the language is English, this may be due to the fact that the understanding of English is more comprehensive around the world, or simply because of the greater programming displayed.

The USA appears as the place where there are more titles available, and 73% of VPNs manage to unblock their content, in second place is Canada, in third place is Brazil, and in fourth place is the United Kingdom. Following this logic, VPNs should serve these countries more, but around 75% of VPNs are unable to unblock Netflix Brazil content. 

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