Hack 10 Popular VPNs To Prove They are Not Safe

Hack 10 popular VPNs To Prove They are Not Safe

VPNs are a very popular way to connect to the Internet. More and more users use them, both on the computer and on Android or iOS. Although a group of researchers has sought to demonstrate that they are not as secure or private as they claim to be, since they have hacked ten of the most popular. So you can see some security flaws.

Hack 10 popular VPNs to prove they are not safe

There are some like SuperVPN Free that have 100 million downloads on mobile phones and where flaws have been found such as the use of insecure HTTP connections. So there is room for improvement.

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The VPN applications investigated are among the best known and used on Android. The most curious thing about this investigation is that despite the fact that various security failures have been found in the vast majority of them, and they were informed of the presence of said failures, none of them, with the exception of one, have responded or introduced changes in your applications.

Both Google (behind the Play Store) and those responsible for these applications were updated on these problems last fall. Until now, it has only been Best Ultimate VPN that has given an answer, in addition to having corrected these errors.[irp]

Undoubtedly an interesting study, which you can read here, makes it clear that this type of application does not perform as well as expected. So it is important that users who use one are attentive to what is the best option to choose in this regard, since otherwise, they will be using an unsafe one.

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