5 Myths About VPN That Heal the Scorch

5 Myths About VPN That Heal the Scorch

It is clear that we are surrounded by myths and sometimes it is difficult to distinguish what is true from what may be a lie. Therefore, today we will talk about 5 myths about VPNs that you cannot believe. Just yesterday we talked about VPNs and their importance, we talked more specifically about 4 very good VPN services for 2017. So if you want to remain anonymous, they are a good option even if you hear these myths that you shouldn’t believe.

5 VPN Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

They are going to ring a bell and you are going to laugh, so you can get ready:

  • All VPNs are the same. Absolutely. There are many different VPN services out there that don’t look alike in the whites of your eyes. There are many ways to encrypt data and believe me, not all of them do it the same. Some even keep records of what we do.
  • I don’t need a VPN if I don’t do anything illegal on the net. Using a VPN tends to be associated with doing something illegal and it has nothing to do with it at all, quite the opposite because if you do something wrong you can get caught. Its advantages go far beyond accessing content not available in your country.
  • VPNs slow down the connection. Another myth has to do with VPNs taking all your traffic, which slows down your browsing speed. You can notice this, but it is not true, because it also depends on the server to which you are connected, let’s say, that the speed is limited.
  • A free VPN is enough. Many free VPNs have restrictions on bandwidth or speed, so it might not be enough. Pay no attention to the fact that all “VPNs are created equal”.
  • You can do whatever you want with the Internet using VPN. Another false point is a total myth. Because you won’t be able to do what you want. He promises and keeps you anonymous, but never 100%.

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