Russia Blocks VPNs to Prevent Internet Access

Russia Blocks VPNs to Prevent Internet Access

A couple of years ago, Russia introduced a law that prohibited the use of VPNs to connect to the Internet. Although in these two years, the government has not been too busy in this regard. But things change now. Since the Russian government is already officially blocking access to these systems. So users who want to access the Internet in this way cannot.

Russia Blocks VPNs to Prevent Internet Access

It follows in this way in the footsteps of China, which also created a similar ban a couple of years ago. Major VPNs are affected by this decision.

Russia against VPNs

Some of the most important have already received messages from the Russian government, either demanding that they stop their activity or informing them that they could be blocked and prohibited from operating shortly. In addition, there are companies that confirm that they will not have or have stopped having servers in Russia for this very reason. While others have no intention of leaving their activity at any time.

The main threat is that breaking the law will block their presence in Russia, so no one will be able to access the Internet using such VPNs. So far it has not happened with any company. Although it should not be ruled out that it will happen.[irp]

This is one more step in the Russian government’s censorship of the Internet. We have already seen how search engines have been required to remove some results, especially pages that are contrary to or critical of the government.

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