YouTube blocked? Try CroxyProxy

YouTube blocked? Try CroxyProxy

Office or school PCs are usually for work. For this reason, network administrators usually block access to certain entertainment web pages using different filters or blocking tools.

These Internet access filters are quite effective (which is why they are so popular, of course). Luckily, there is always some method that allows us to bypass these types of restrictions, as in this case, thanks to the help of web proxy services.

CroxyProxy, a fairly fast and effective free web proxy server

Proxy services have always existed, and tools like Proxysite, HideMyAss, or Ultrasurf have been facilitating access to blocked websites for a long time. However, it seems that lately, they are no longer as fast or effective as they were a few years ago (I just tried to log in and they all redirect me to other VPN services or don’t finish loading).

For these reasons, it’s nice when you find a free proxy service like CroxyProxy, where you type the URL you want to load, press enter, and that’s it!

From here, the operation is simpler than the Cortijo ​​mechanism: the web proxy establishes an anonymous connection with the page we are trying to access, and shows it to us on the screen from its server, thus hiding our IP address.

One of the most interesting details is that the content is not displayed within a frame as is common in many proxy services. Instead, the only thing CroxyProxy will show will be a tab at the top of the screen.

If we display the top tab, a search engine will open to load new URLs, and we can also click on a button to obtain a permalink (which lasts 3 hours).

In any case, we must remember that these proxy services are run from a remote server, and therefore it is always advisable not to enter any password or log in with any account, for simple security reasons.

Beyond that, it can be a good tool to access YouTube from work or to consult web pages that for whatever reason are blocked in our region. If your teleoperator carries out some type of content filtering with this utility you can also avoid it. A highly recommended free proxy. Do you have 

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