The 10 Best Apps to Make Free Calls on Android

The 10 Best Apps to Make Free Calls on Android

With the evolution of messaging apps, it is no longer necessary to make a conventional phone call, with the expense that this may entail for our monthly rate. If we have any of the apps we mention below installed, we can use their VoIP technology to make free calls using Wi-Fi or a data connection.

Many operators already offer rates with unlimited calls, but if this is not your case, don’t worry. The only thing you need is for your contact to have the same application installed as you and you can talk as much as your Internet connection allows.

The 10 best applications for Android with which you can make Free voice calls

Although most instant messaging apps have some functions for making voice calls, some also allow you to make calls to “real” phone numbers, although these extra functions generally require payment.


Signal is the application that best manages the security of its users’ information. Both messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted, and they are even responsible for encrypting metadata, something that WhatsApp has not yet achieved.

The Signal app also allows us to make calls through its servers, acting as a kind of VPN to ensure that privacy in voice conversations is truly respected.


Telegram is one of the apps that collects the least information about its users, and that is always appreciated. At an operational level, it allows you to make both calls and video calls, and its growing popularity makes it an excellent tool for communicating with our contacts and friends.


Probably the most popular instant messaging app on the planet. Although WhatsApp is the least respectful of privacy, the truth is that since it is so well-known, almost everyone already has it installed on their smartphone.

If you are looking for an app with which you can make free voice calls over the internet, this is the fastest and most direct solution. In its favor, we can say that it uses the end-to-end encryption method, one of the most secure encryption techniques known.


The Japanese chat app, in addition to sending messages, also allows you to make voice and video calls with up to 200 participants. Even international calls are free (just like the rest of the apps, wow). Without a doubt, one of the great attractions is the excellent design of the app.

LINE also has a premium function called LINE Out to be able to make international calls even to mobile phones and phones that do not have the LINE app installed, which can be very useful in certain situations (although as we say, this extra function is paid).

Viber Messenger

The Viber app has more than 1 billion downloads in the Google Play Store, which means that many people use it. Among its functions, it allows you to make voice calls, both national and international, 100% free. Of course, if we want to call phone numbers directly we will have to pay.

At a privacy level, voice calls are automatically encrypted, and if we prefer to make a face-to-face call, the app allows us to make video calls with up to 250 participants.


Microsoft’s video calling app also allows you to chat and make calls over a Wi-Fi connection. This allows us to call other smartphones that have the app installed or even desktop PCs that use the Skype app.

All these calls are free, but if what we want is to make calls to phone numbers we will have to pay. Skype also offers other paid functions that allow us, for example, to have our own phone number online.

Google Duo

Google has several messaging applications, including Google Hangouts, Google Meet and the famous Google Duo. The latter is an app focused exclusively on voice and video calls over the Internet, with the possibility of bringing together up to 32 people in the same call.

Duo is available for both Android and iOS and has some interesting functions such as “low light mode”, which allows you to make video calls even if there is little ambient light.


App to make free calls that even offers you a local phone number in your area to make calls. It allows you to make calls to more than 200 countries, and you can talk to your friends as long as they also use Dingtone.

The negative aspect is that it works through a credit system, which we can obtain by making purchases within the application or by watching ads.


The Facebook messaging app is a hybrid between WhatsApp and Skype. On the one hand, it allows us to chat, make video calls and even voice calls over Wi-Fi completely free. The good news is that it is also available for desktop PCs.

Another positive aspect is that it is an application that many users already have installed, so it is likely that we can talk to the other person without having to install anything else. On the negative side, it should be noted that it does not allow us to make calls to “real” phone numbers.

Wickr Me

We finish this brief review with Wickr Me, a messaging app focused on privacy. Its functions include encrypted voice calls, as well as the possibility of sending voice notes (also encrypted) and sharing images, files, and videos securely from end to end.

If you value your privacy, you’ll also appreciate the fact that Wickr Me doesn’t even ask you to enter your phone number or email in order to use the app.

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