QNAP QuWAN, The Tool for Simplified VPN Creation is Updated

QNAP QuWAN, The Tool for Simplified VPN Creation is Updated

QNAP has updated the QuWAN SD-WAN network optimization solution, which greatly simplifies the configuration of VPN networks for NAS, computers, mobiles, and tablets via the cloud.

QNAP QuWAN, the tool for simplified VPN creation is updated

QuWAN is a tool used to create VPN networks in a very simplified way. QuWAN ‘s SD-WAN technology automatically establishes a mesh VPN. It supports IPsec encryption and cloud management. IT staff can seamlessly deploy a micro-segmented VPN infrastructure that is secure or just benefits the targeted segment.

The latest version of QuWAN can be installed from the QNAP App Center and is compatible with the following systems: QNAP x86-based NAS (Intel or AMD) with 2GB RAM and QTS 4.4.2 (or later) or QuTS hero h4. 5.1v4 (or later), QGD switch series with 2GB RAM and QTS 4.4.2 (or later), QuCPE network virtualization premise equipment, QuWAN vRouter Edition for VMware ESXi v7.0 and QHora, QMiro, and QMiroPlus of the QVPN router must be configured from the QuRouter OS.

“In addition to its SD-WAN mesh VPN technology and QuWAN Orchestrator cloud management features, QuWAN now enables users to easily deploy and manage VPN servers via the cloud, providing users with a platform for Easier and more comfortable centralized cloud management. Users can also manage VPN connections from computers and smartphones, greatly optimizing VPN experiences for mobile users.”

“Through the QuWAN orchestrator, multiple QNAP devices in the SD-WAN network environment can be configured as VPN servers, and their VPN settings can be configured and managed simultaneously. Administrators can centrally monitor the connection status of devices in real time. In addition, the organization ID can be sent directly through the cloud to users’ computers or mobile devices to establish VPN connections without configuring the IP address, thus achieving zero-touch deployment (ZTP, Zero Touch Provisioning). Users will automatically connect to the best server or manually select their connection.»

You can see more information and details about how this tool works on the official QNAP page. We will keep you informed.

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