Russia is Going to Ban VPNs Too

Russia is Going to Ban VPNs Too

A couple of days ago we told you that Apple removed all VPNs from its App Store in China. The reason was a new law of the government of the country. A law that further increases the existing censorship in the Asian country. It seems that China is not the only country with such plans. Russia joins the list.

Russia is going to ban VPNs too

The Russian government has announced a ban on all VPNs. In fact, a law has already been approved that will come into force on November 1. As of that date, all VPNs are prohibited in the country. Although, the government says that it is not about censorship.

Ban on VPNs

In the case of Russia, they affirm that there is no censorship in this bill. Access to content that is already prohibited by law is simply prevented. So there are no changes that should surprise the citizens of Russia. At least that is intuited what they say.

In the case of China, a deadline has been given until next year for companies to withdraw VPNs. It is not known if Russia will bet on the same policy, although it seems that it will not be like that. And that all VPNs will have to close permanently before November 1. Otherwise, they will face a judicial process.

It seems that more and more countries are joining the ban on VPNs. We will see what happens in Russia and China and which companies are most directly affected by these decisions.

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