How to watch Dr. Stone online and for free (legally)

How to watch Dr. Stone online and for free (legally)

Dr. Stone has been one of the biggest surprises of the year in terms of anime series. Since its premiere in July 2019, this Post Apocalyptic story has attracted the attention of many shonen fans, not only for its exquisite animation, but also for the interesting nature of its approach, where greater importance is given to scientific knowledge than to force. a brute of its protagonists (central axis of most mangas within the genre).

Below, we review all the legal methods available to watch the first season of Dr. Stone online and for free. The series has already been renewed for a second season, so if we have not yet delved into the adventures of Senku and Taiju this may be a good time to get on the bandwagon.

Method #1: You can watch Dr. Stone totally free from Crunchyroll

Like many other Shonen Jump series, Crunchyroll is the first legal alternative we have at our disposal to watch the Dr. Stone anime without spending a cent and with Spanish subtitles.

If we decide not to register on the streaming platform and access it “bareback”, we will still be able to watch all the episodes without a problem, but yes, we will have to swallow a few ads. We can also try the free trial period offered by Crunchyroll Premium, thanks to which we will have 14 days of access to the platform’s complete catalog, as well as some quite interesting extras (simulcast with Japan, HD content and no advertising).

Method #2: Funimation is also offering the complete series on its website

Funimation is the company that has the rights to Dr. Stone in the United States, and like Crunchyroll, it allows you to watch the series online completely for free (dubbed into English with the possibility of adding subtitles). The monetization model is very similar to that of Crunchyroll: we can watch all the episodes for free and with ads or upgrade to the premium plan to eliminate advertising (with a free trial period included ).

Being an exclusive broadcast for Americans, it is necessary that we use a VPN connection in case we are accessing from outside the country. Many geolocated streaming services usually block access via VPN (such as Netflix, for example), although in this case, we have tried Windscribe, which offers a very nice free VPN package, and it works without problems.

Method #3: Dr. Stone on Adult Swim (Toonami)

If you live in the US and catch the Adult Swim signal on your TV, don’t forget to take a look, since the network is currently broadcasting the Dr. Stone series every Saturday at midnight, within its Toonami block dedicated to the anime of action.

If we want to watch the series over the Internet this way, we can also do it through its mobile app, installing the KODI add-on to watch Adult Swim live – a plugin that is available from the official repository of the application – or from its website, where we find the first 14 episodes with on-demand playback (although in this case, we will need to have the credentials of our cable television provider to log in). As with Funimation, if we live outside the United States we will also need a VPN connection to access Adult Swim content.

Basically, these are all the legal and free methods that we have at our disposal to watch Dr. Stone over the internet. Netflix Japan is also broadcasting the series, although in this case, we will obviously need to be registered on the streaming platform, by subscription or by making use of the free trial period if it is available in our country – remember that Netflix still offers trials free in some territories -, in addition to having a good VPN with a server on Japanese soil. Do you have 

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